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Last Day of Class = New Blog for JJ


Today marks my last day of classes at the GSB.  It has been an AMAZING two years here on Serra street where I have made amazing friends and had some amazing times.  This also marks my last post on GSBeats, a blog a couple of started a year and a half ago to serve this community we love so much.  I feel completely honored to leave this blog in such trustworthy hands who I am positive will continue up the rather shocking success of this blog and keep it a GSB-focused destination for generations to come.

I will continue the music sharing on my new site and would love for people to check it out: or

Thanks and Cheers to an amazing two years!


One of GSB’s Own…

Every day I am amazing at the extraordinary talents of my fellow classmates - both in business, but more often than not those outside which fall outside the tradition skill sets that most MBAs aim to bring to the table.  Today’s praise falls on previous Googler turned MBA, Charlie Kubal of the MBA Class of 2012.

This week was no different, as I was forwarded from an MBA1 a link to a “notorious BIG / the XX remix” that one of the “new kids” had made.  I remember thinking to myself “wow - i love how so many people are remixing biggie and xx - the wait what guy really started a huge trend”.  Little did I know that the “wait what guy” was actually the MBA1 that they were talking about and I immediately was blown away.  Yeah, some people might think its super impressive to have played in the NBA, NFL, won an Olympic Gold Medal or even to be President Bush’s sidekick before school - but to me nothing is more amazing than being named the Guardian’s “Best Mashup Album of 2010 by far..” (Read the whole article here)

The mashup is epic and should really be given a listen - things like this are just another one of the joys of MBA life…

Also - had a really funny discussion about this with Amos yesterday in the car when I was asking him if he had heard about it.  Those of you who know my excessive use of the phrase “what?” will understand how this could happen:

JJ: Did you hear that Notirious BIG / XX remix over the summer?

Amos: Yeah

JJ: The guy that did that is an MBA1!?!?!?!?!?!

Amos: Wait What?

JJ: I know - its amazing - I can’t believe he goes to the GSB

Amos: Yeah, wait what?

JJ: No - the guy - from the BIG/XX remix - like the guy who made it - he is at the GSB - isn’t that so insane 

Amos: No I get that idiot - the guy is called “Wait, What”, right?

JJ: oohhhhh, hahahaha, I am an idiot…

Amos: That exchange was amazing

JJ: Yes

the notorious xx by wait what

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