Delorean - Subiza (2010)

Delorean is a pretty awesome dance group that hails from that little part of Spain that believes at times that it is its own country - Basque Country. I used to work with a Spaniard from Basque Country and he hated nothing more than being associated with Spain. He would post up pictures of the Basque flag and talk about how Basque Country was far superior and above the rest of Spain. It was pretty hysterical overall.

I was asked the other day at work what I meant by “dance band”. Delorean is a great example of a dance band - you can totally see yourself at some club along the Med coast - there are buildings 100s if not 1000s of years old surrounding you. It is 25 degrees - Celsius that is - and you are in a white button down shirt - top 2 or 3 buttons open - with a mojito in one hand. There is a light breeze, stars galore overhead and beautiful, bronzed people all-around. The club is completely open air, couches dotting the perimeter. There is a big pool in the middle of the club and you are perched on a hill overlooking a village, and below that - nothing but sea. This isn’t going to be a trashy vegas club scene - this has nothing but class all-around - you definitely are going to be dancing - but this isn’t a bump and grind type of thing - you will be swaying back and forth. Your fist pumps aren’t guido-fabulous, you are in europe - they are weak and fragile - more of a swimming fist pump, then a knock a pimp out fist pump. Its euphoric, upbeat, but at the same time decently mellow. you feel super exclusive.

Now that I have painted the picture of the scene - let’s add some beats to the setting. Delorean’s Subiza is the soundtrack for that place in my head. It speaks of intimacy but not a drawn out fire side chat type of intimacy. This is 100% energy and euphoria, just slightly reserved. It plays out like a soundtrack of an evening - there are lows, highs and everything in between. It is not one straight thrill ride. It gives the listeners peaks, troughs, breaks, and super highs. Overall it is an amazing album that is totally worth checking out - a great follow up to their 2009 EP Ayrton Senna

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